Board Members

Hans Franke

H.J.M.G. Franke (1970)
Board member

  • Education

Mr. Franke studied Business Administration (Financial Management) and Law (Corporate Law) at Erasmus University of Rotterdam. After his studies, he worked for seven years as a lawyer in Amsterdam and The Hague (Corporate Finance) and followed postgraduate education in the field of Securities Law and Corporate Litigation at the Grotius Academy of Nijmegen University.

  • Real estate

Since 2005, Mr. Franke has been involved in WFT-compliance as a consultant for the financing of a number of real estate projects within and outside the Netherlands. In 2015, Thuisborg was created from this, which aim to engage in cashing on Dutch homeownership. The online marketplace Borgplaats was established in 2016 to improve the opportunities for Dutch homeowners and investors.

Cor Wijtvliet

C.A.M. Wijtvliet, (1956)
Board member

Cor Wijtvliet is an independent analyst. He publishes on various subjects and also gives presentations. He is also an expert author for the weekly Financial Newsletter "Crash Investor".