Every good investigation starts with making an inventory of what exactly happened, and when. Events that seem unrelated at first glance can still provide new insight as more other facts begin to emerge. We are, therefore, the first to start building and expanding the timeline of people, facts and events.

For the indications of good research, see the following video (https://vimeo.com/154106566).

As an example, we started with a timeline 2016. We ask for your contribution in completing this timeline from January 1, 2006, up until now. Every month we will go back a year the timeline and update it completely. The last reporting year is 2006, the year of the introduction of the Financial Services Act.


The purpose of this timeline is to demonstrate the collaboration or alignment between individuals and organizations over the given amount of time, whether or not it was from a cause or in response to special events. A good timeline can show which account of events is correct and which are not. It is also an indispensable tool for efficient correspondence with third parties. In other words; your contribution can yield enormous benefits in terms of time and efficiency, plus the possibilities of many new insights.


For its ongoing actions, SOMI is looking for facts and circumstances surrounding the following business clusters:

  • ABN Amro/Fortis/Ageas

  • ING/WUH/NN Group

  • Knab/AEGON

  • Rabobank/Obvion/FGH Bank/Friesland Bank

  • SNS/Reaal/Propertize

  • Van Lanschot/Kempen & Co/Delta Lloyd

In addition, information is collected about the WOB-requests, in particular Dutch and European governments' regulations.


In order to be included in the timeline, an entry submission must be verifiable. Please always send the documentation with the evidence, in which the news can be checked for accuracy and completeness. In particular, SOMI is looking for:

  • Start and end moments of appointments of people at relevant organizations

  • Determination of what information was known (or should have been) known to those people at what time

  • Start and end date of offers for relevant products, services and forms of cooperation

  • Dating (dissemination) of investigations and measures by supervisors (or concepts/announcements in which we can fact-check)

  • Date and content of investigations and conclusions of third parties (such as consultants and external service providers)

  • Fees and benefits from people and organizations involved (received or promised)

  • Detected conflicts of interest, non-compliance or cases of violation or misuse of powers

  • Obstruction, refusal of information or cooperation, destruction or obfuscation of evidence

Please note that suspicions, options, opinions and suggestions cannot be part of the timeline.

If you want to share a certain vision with SOMI or to test it against current developments, we would like to receive the information in a separate email or attachment.

You can of course always ask us to test specific facts or to investigate or submit them to third parties.

Follow up

When you have good information for our timeline, you can email it to us, with attached all documents, photos, sound files or other relevant data. We investigate the facts and, if possible, supplement the timeline with your addition. We also ensure that the presentation meets legal requirements and privacy guidelines. We process information from the timeline - even to the extent that it cannot be shared publicly - in our ongoing investigations and advocacy.

SOMI also publishes an overview of the most active contributors and the most valuable contributions. Please indicate when you want to remain anonymous, when you want to contribute under an alias or when you have had to incur expenses or otherwise have made special efforts that are eligible for reimbursement.


For information or sources, see also (in Dutch):